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Jeffrey Brown opted not to take the deliberate route by reaching way back to the beginning of his career—rather he let the whole thing happen organically. While working on the sequel to 2007’s Incredible Change-Bots, he began noticing subtle changes in his style that had developed in the intervening three years. Brown describes those changes—and what brought them about—below.

The second Change-Bots book is due out next spring, and his art—including the images below—will be appearing in a Brooklyn gallery in May.


Anyone who compares my drawing in Clumsy in 2001 to the way I drew Funny Misshapen Body in 2008 will probably notice a bit of a change. I haven’t made any conscious efforts to change my style over time, but it seems to happen, even if it all still looks essentially drawn by me. I feel like in the last couple years, I’ve gotten a lot better at how I’m drawing my comics, especially in regards to the materials I’m using.

I drew the first Incredible Change-Bots book just four years ago–at the end of 2006–and just finished drawing the second Change-Bots book a couple months ago, here in 2010. The drawing between those books is pretty similar, and I used pretty much the same pens and paper on both. The first book, though, was the first time I had drawn a story in full color, and I used the Faber-Castell brush pens for the coloring.

I’ve been coloring with those pens for the past four years and I feel like I can do a lot more with them now. I started working on some larger drawings of the Change-Bots, in full color but on some nice illustration board, and they felt much more accomplished somehow. Maybe it’s just that I’ve slowed down and become slightly more careful in my methods.

Anyway, I decided to see how one of the pages from the first Change-Bots book would look if I drew it the way I was making these large drawings. It took a while, and I maybe should’ve been even more deliberate than I was, but it makes me think when I sit down to draw Incredible Change-Bots #3, it’ll look more like this than the original book. Or hopefully, even better.


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  1. darryl ayo brathwaite | December 8th, 2010 at 11:49 am

    I really enjoy the evolution of style.

    What is interesting is how the change in Brown’s drawing approach from loose and fast to tighter and more rendered runs parallel to the change in his subject matter from internal and autobiographical to external and alien.