Hey Chicago! Cross Hatch Meetup #1

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Hard to believe, but in the three years and change that the Cross Hatch has existed, we’ve never had an official meetup. Sure, we’ve sponsored plenty of events, done our fair share of hanging out, and then there’s that upcoming live episode of the Cross Hatch Podcast, but we’ve yet actually host an official meetup.

We’re finally ready to address this grave oversight. On Saturday, November 13th, Sarah and I are holding the first-ever Cross Hatch meetup in Chicago, IL. We’ll be celebrating indie comics, the Windy City, drinking, and the fact that we’re all rarely in the same time zone at the same time.

We’ll be meeting up around 8:30 at the California Clipper on 1002 N. California Ave. The place comes highly recommended by some locals. Also, there will be ghosts.