I’m Moderating a New York Comic Con Panel : A Day in the Studio

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Hey New Yorkers and those traveling to the big Apple, I’ll be moderating a panel at this year’s New York Comic Con, featuring indie cartoonists Dave Roman, Tracy White, Matt Madden, and children’s book author, Jane Yolen.

The panel is called A Day in the Studio. It’ll be a fun time for all you artistic buffs out there, including lots of images of the aforementioned artist’s studios. The one major caveat is the fact that the thing is happening at 10:45 on Sunday morning, so plan your church going and hangover recovering accordingly.

Full panel details are available after the jump. For the full list of panels, go check out the Beat.


A Day in the Studio

Join cartoonists Jane Yolen, Dave Roman, Tracy White, and Matt Madden as they talk about process and their current projects.

10/10/10 10:45 AM

Room 1A24