I am the Co-Director For the Second Annual King Con

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What does that entail, precisely? I’m still in the process of figuring that out, but for starters it means offering up my decidedly myopic knowledge of the comic book world, primarily to help curate programming for this year’s event—panels and the like.

Last year’s event was, by nearly all accounts, an enjoyable and welcome event—even in the already crowded world of New York comic shows (here’s a thing I wrote about it). This year the show is straddling the line, both figuratively and literally.

Literally in the sense that this year’s King Con falls on November 6th and 7th, right smack in between New York Comic Con and the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival (also in its second year), and figuratively, in that the show caters to independent and mainstream comics fans alike. The first announced guest is Chris Claremont, after all—even a jaded indie fan such as myself gets a bit giddy at the prospect of meeting the guy who wrote “The Dark Phoenix Saga.”

For that reason, the show will be a new challenge for me, after having been involved in the paneling for MoCCA and the first annual Minneapolis Indie Expo, two decidedly indie-focused shows.

The show is also a celebration of local talents—any thankfully, there’s are plenty to choose from in Brooklyn and the other four boroughs. Heck, we might even go outside, if people’s travel budgets allow it.

Only in its second year, the show lacks the name recognition of MoCCA, and my timeline for helping to curate is significantly shorter, but we’ve already begun assembling talent, and there are a lot of panels in the works that I’m genuinely excited to announce.

Keep checking back for more info on the days and weeks to come. There’s a far more official sounding press release after the jump.



Media Contact: Regan Jaye Fishman  646.228.3563   Regan@BrooklynLyceum.com

The Daily Cross Hatch’s Brian Heater joins Brooklyn Lyceum’s KINGCON: Comics & Animation Convention as Co-Director

Brooklyn, New York-

In 2009 the inaugural KingCon: Comics and Animation Convention gathered an unprecedented  amount of Brooklyn-bred comic talent under one roof, and was enjoyed by hardcore comic fans and layfolk alike. Alongside Regan Jaye Fishman at the helm of the ‘09 con was Human on the Inside creator Mike Zagari. Under Mike’s direction the con was able to score talent the likes of Fred Van Lente, Dennis Calero and the legendary Denny O’Neil.

When Zagari departed the con to focus on personal projects, one name was suggested over and over again to fill the now vacant programming position.

Brian Heater had been an invaluable part of the con last year  and his work programming the recent MoCCA fest made him a natural choice to assume the role of Co-Director.

Mr. Heater is the editor-in-chief of indie comics blog, The Daily Cross Hatch and the editor of PCMag gadget site Gearlog.com. His writing has appeared in Spin, The Onion, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Press, and various other publications. He is the co-host of the comics podcast The Cross Hatch podcast and has helped curate programming for both the MoCCA Festival and the Minneapolis Indie Expo.

In addition to his duties programming the entertainment for the weekend, Mr Heater and his Podcast will both be featured in the Panel schedule

The roster of panels and activities continues to grow, and more information can be found on the con’s website: http://kingconbrooklyn.com

The Brooklyn Lyceum is Located at 227 4th Avenue in Park Slope, right atop the R train station at Union Street.
More Details online at www.BrooklynLyceum.com; 718-857-4816.