The Cross Hatch Podcast Episode 003: The Warm Puppy Cafe

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podcast 3

Hey friends, the third episode of the Cross Hatch Podcast is available for download. In this episode, I make the mistake of letting Alex talk more about The Avengers.

There’s also more talk of MIX and Read Comics in Public Day (give us a break, we recorded this thing the same week as episode two), while Sarah tries really hard to figure out what a zoo is.

Also, the Warm Puppy Café, Draculas, sibling rivalry, potato bugs, and libraries. We cram a lot stuff into 20 minutes.

Cross Hatch Podcast 003 [CLICK TO LISTEN]

One Comment to “The Cross Hatch Podcast Episode 003: The Warm Puppy Cafe”

  1. Nick | September 15th, 2010 at 8:29 pm

    Hey… really liked the last episode. I downloaded it from the blog to my android phone and listened on my commute. I would love to do the same with this episode and the first one. Will you be making them available as downloadable mp3s?