The Cross Hatch Podcast Episode 001: Kenny Kramer’s Superhero Tour

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Cross Hatch Podcast 001 [CLICK TO LISTEN]

Well, we finally did it. After promising, joking, threatening, and generally procrastinating for so long, we’ve finally gone ahead and launched our own Daily Cross Hatch-branded podcast, The Cross Hatch Podcast. The show stars myself (Brian Heater); our mini-comics editor, Sarah Morean; and former Rocketship owner/some time Project: Runway cartoonist, Alex Cox.

The show’s a (we hope) thoughtful, if not especially serious, take on the indie comics scene—and, really, the world of sequential art at large. Take this debut episode, in which we tackle the subject of New York City superhero tours, the pronunciation of well-known cartoonists’ last names, and try to figure out, once and for all, why all cartoonists own cats.

The music was provided by our pal James Rickman, and Alex is drawing a new strip for each episode, because that’s the kind of guy he is.

As you can no doubt image, the audio on this first episode isn’t perfect, but we promise that we’re working on it! Feedback is certainly appreciated. Please send us a note at, or, if you love the sound of your own voice as much as we love ours, you can call us at 713-36-Hatch—who knows, maybe we’ll even put you on the show.

Apple tells us that our show is “under review” as we speak, but we’re sure that we’ll pass with flying colors, because it’s amazing. Also, we don’t threaten to kill anybody and there are no swears. We’ll post a note when you can subscribe that way.

Happy listening!


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