The Cross Hatch Dispatch 8.23.10

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[Above, Liz’s Baillie’s shirt says “Anal Leakage,” if you squint hard enough. Below, bet you can’t eat just one dispatch.]
  • Zander Cannon has made a podcast to accompany his comic Top 10 Season 2 #1. The podcast works like a DVD commentary: you listen to it while you read the comic (which was written by Cannon and illustrated by Gene Ha).
  • There’s a new online newsletter/comic called Comical Animal. A preview issue will debut online on September 3. The first real issue will come out in early December. Free to subscribe, Comical Animal will feature new and vintage strips, illustrations, articles and opinions, all on the theme of funny animals.
  • If you’re more interested in music than animals, read the music-related comics available online at If You Make It.
  • SPX 2010 is coming up fast! Atomic Book’s annual SPX party is on Friday, September 10, from 7:00-10:00. The event will feature Vanessa Davis, Sarah Glidden, Jon Lewis, Corinne Mucha, Jesse Reklaw, R. Sikoryak, and Julia Wertz, as well as the 5th Annual Nerdlinger Comics Awards.
  • But of course there’s another award ceremony to check out at SPX: The Ignatz! The 2010 Ignatz nominees have been announced.
  • Some cartoonists get the best fan mail. Meathaus recently posted photos of their second lovely letter/package from Dennis Pomales. It’s full of zine-y goodness. Meanwhile, Julia Wertz’s fans are sending her cake bombs.
  • The first annual MIX (the Minneapolis Indie Xpo) is complete! It was a roaring success.

-Athena Currier