The Cross Hatch Dispatch 8.16.10

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[Above, all’s well that acks well.  Below, alas, poor Dispatch.]
  • The 2010 Lulu Awards are happening this October at the Long Beach Convention Center. Nominations are open to the public, so by golly, VOTE NOW for your favorite female cartoonists!
  • 48 pages worth of Dustin Harbin’s diary comics are being published by Koyama Press in a collection that costs a mere six bucks.
  • Those who remember the glory days of a beautiful webcomic called A Lesson Is Learned But the Damage is Irreversible will be happy to learn that Dale Beran, co-creator of that series, has launched a new webcomic of his own. It’s called The Nerds of Paradise.
  • Adam Cadwell just concluded his four-year autobio webcomic, The Everyday, at strip #200. His buddy Marc Ellerby is about to wrap up his own autobio webcomic, Ellerbisms, at strip #250.
  • Kate Beaton has turned her latest visit home to the family into a great little series of comics.
  • After 34 years, Cathy Guisewite is concluding her long-running Cathy comic strip. Open a window and you’ll hear the feminists cackling with glee.
  • Cartoonists Keith Knight, David Malki!, and Dave Kellet will soon be teaming up against other troublemakers in 826LA’s Spelling Bee For Cheaters.
  • There’s a new interview with James Kochalka up on Things From Another World, complete with rough level designs from Kochalka’s new Glorkian Warrior video game.
  • Harvey Pekar passed away leaving behind several Pekar Project stories that were in the process of being illustrated. The Project recently posted the first of those, Untitled, illustrated by Rick Parker. More of these Pekar stories are soon to follow, including one illustrated by Vanessa Davis.
  • There are only two weeks left to help Julia Wertz muster up the funds necessary to do a second print run of her Fart Party Volume I. For 15 bucks, you get a signed copy of the book. For more money than that, the thank-you gifts only get better!
  • Have you heard of the Minneapolis Indie Xpo? It’s THIS WEEKEND! The Xpo (which is FREE) is fairly bursting with exciting names and panels and parties, but it is entirely possible that the weekend’s highlight will be with The Cross Hatch’s own Brian Heater’s DJ skills at the After-Party.

-Athena Currier