Minneapolis Indie Expo (MIX) Programming: John Porcellino, Kevin Cannon, Scott Pilgrim, and More

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I’ve been listening to a lot of Dylan, Hold Steady, and The Replacements this week—frankly, it’s the only way I can figure out to effectively prepare myself for my first-ever trip to the Twin Cities later this week. I’ll be in Minneapolis for a few days to attend the inaugural MIX.

The show is the brainchild of St. Paul Craftstravaganza founder Andy Krueger and our own Mini-Comics Editor, Sarah Morean. It’s being held at Minneapolis art space, The Soap Factory, on Saturday, August 21st.

I’m attempting to justify the price of airfare and my increased carbon footprint by cramming as many things as possible into a 24-hour period (sleep, sadly, not being one of them). I will be moderating five panels on Saturday, featuring, among others, folks like John Porcellino, Kevin Cannon, Will Dinksi, Spike, and Aaron Renier.

We’re taking a largely conversational approach to the panels, many of which are one-on-one “spotlights.” It will be a fun way to get to know the cartoonists in a manner that is often eschewed by convention programming, in favor of larger, conceptual panels. It will be a chance for the audience—and myself—to get to know the artists. There will be a few bigger panels, as well, including the Screenprinting for Beginners and Comic Book Inking workshops, A Crash Course to Webcomics, Comics Education on the Rise, and Cartooning Tools of the Trade.

I’ll also be DJing the afterparty at Altered Esthetics that night for roughly four hours or so. Oh, and Sarah tells me that I’m going to be working the check-in table at 7:30 AM that morning, so come by and say “hi,” if you don’t have better things—such as sleeping—to do. The plan, ultimately, is to make the entire upper-Midwest sick of in the course of a weekend—a mission to be completed the following day in the food court of the Mall of America.

Check out the full schedule for the show, including signings, parties, gallery showings, and a screen of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, over at the MIX programming page.