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Did you know that The Daily Cross Hatch manages a comics events calendar?  It’s true!  You can view it on the Upcoming Events page on our site or add it to your own google calendar.

  1. Log into your google account as usual and open your google calendar. 
    Picture 8
  2. Click on Add > Add a friend/coworker’s calendar.
    Picture 9
  3. Type in “crosshatchdispatch@gmail.com” and click the “Add” button.
    Picture 10
  4. The Cross Hatch Dispatch calendar i.e. our Upcoming Events calendar will be added to your google calendar.  Click the name to hide or highlight that calendar.
    Picture 11

If you have an item you would like to submit to the Cross Hatch Dispatch or Upcoming Events calendar, please email us!  crosshatchdispatch@gmail.com

Sarah Morean

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