Cross Hatch Dispatch 8.2.10

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[Above, Dan Clowes has the Alameda Country Blues. Below, the Dispatch has been pickin’ cotton all day long.]
  • Not surprisingly, the comic topping the bestseller list at Quimby’s last week was the final volume of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim. The initial print run was 100,000 copies, and sold out within days of release. The emergency second printing is for 50,000 more copies.
  • Bellen! is coming to an end quite soon. But never fear, Box Brown won’t be retiring from comics any time in the near future: he has plans to launch a website for his Everything Dies series.
  • Sundance Channel is honoring two of MAD Magazine’s greatest cartoonists (Al Jaffee and Sergio Aragones) in a four-part series of digital shorts called Strokes of Genius.
  • Continuing the cartooning love, Sundance Channel has also announced a new series called Animation Bizarro, a collection of animated shorts made by “some of the most provocative and unique animators/artists” working today. This includes Brandon Blommaert, Sean Stoops, Robbie Conal, Steve Brodner and the new stars behind the Hot House program.
  • On Friday, August 20, you’re invited to help celebrate the release of Will Dinski’s first graphic novel, Fingerprints, as well as the debut of MIX, Minneapolis’ first independent comics festival. Dinski will be signing copies of his new book (recently featured on USA Today) at Big Brain Comics from 6:00-8:00pm. Immediately following, Dinski and other MIX exhibitors hope you will join them for an open event (with snacks, drinks, and live music!) at the 501 Club.
  • NYC Comic Jam is celebrating its nine year anniversary on Thursday, August 5, from 7:00-11:00pm in the basement party room of Jack Demsey’s Pub in New York. The event is free.
  • Life Imitates Art: Daniel Clowes accidentally almost took his son to see a band called Blues Hammer.

-Athena Currier