Guest Strip: Josh Blair and Ray N.

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semi_tzJosh Blair is the editor and publisher of Candy or Medicine, a quarterly mini-comic anthology, which has featured the likes of Matt Feazell, Noah Van Sciver and Ed Choy Moorman. When he’s not making comics, Josh works in marketing and spends time with his three children. He recently purchased a house in Erlanger, KY, in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio. Josh would need to sell nearly 1,500 comics to afford one mortgage payment, so visit today!

Upcoming projects: Candy or Medicine Volume Ten (out July 2010), Candy or Medicine Volume Eleven (out October 2010) and Rejected (aka Postal b/w I Yam What I Yam), written by Josh Blair and illustrated by Ray N. (out fall 2010).  Upcoming appearances: Cincinnati Comic Expo, September 18, 2010

Ray N. lives, works, and plays in Hampton, GA. His weekly manifesto can be read at


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