Standing in Line…

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Art by Joseph Remnant. Supplementary text below.

I could write a dozen more Harvey Pekar pieces before the week is out. For the time being, however, I think I will keep such hypergraphic compulsions to myself. Besides, while Pekar was certainly a wordsmith in his own right, there’s certainly something missing in a purely prose tribute to the man.

To borrow that now-famous quote from the late-writer once again, “Comics are just words and pictures. You can do anything with words and pictures.” And Harvey Pekar knew as well as anyone, when it comes to comics, the greatest words in the world don’t mean a damn thing without the pictures.

So yesterday I asked Pekar Project artist Joseph Remnant to help me create something a little more fitting. I gave him the words (borrowed, naturally, from the master), and he came back with an image this afternoon that far exceeded what I had haphazardly sketched out in my mind.

And for a moment, I think I understood what if felt like to be Pekar, turning words over to an artist like Remnant—one of the more recent additions in a long line of incredibly talented Pekar collaborators. That moment is just a little bit of magic.

Remnant is one of four artists for the online Pekar Project initiative—and while each undoubtedly have their strong suits, it’s Remnant, I think, who comes the closest to capturing the spirit of early Pekar collaborators like R. Crumb, who, incidentally, drew “Standing Behind Old Jewish Ladies in Supermarket Lines,” the strip from which the single line of dialog is borrowed.

Oh, and there are still plenty more tributes—prose and cartoon alike—to the writer pouring in over at the “Remembering Harvey Pekar.” Thanks again to everyone who has submitted something.


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