Cross Hatch Dispatch 6.29.10

Categories:  The Cross Hatch Dispatch
[Above, James Kochalka doesn’t know who he am. Below, the Owly Boo Dispatch.]
  • The Twin Cities Zinefest is less than two weeks away! Mark your calendars and then mark them again to make sure you don’t forget!
  • Paul Dwyer, author of the webcomics I Shot Roy! and Codex Optica, has published two new collections of experimental comics. Both books can be read in their entirety online, and/or ordered from the Comex Books site.
  • Topping Quimby’s weekly Top 10 List last week was To Teach: The Journey In Comics by William Ayers and Ryan Alexander-Tanner.
  • Ever wonder about the real lady behind the “Frankie” character Joe Matt obsesses over in his book The Poor Bastard? There’s actually an interview with her. She shares her thoughts on, er, the poor bastard.
  • Ken Dahl/Gabby Shulz recently spoke to Ink Studs’ one and only Robin McConnell about, y’know, herpes and stuff. Or rather his fantastic, much-celebrated book, Monsters.
  • Dash Shaw is currently working on a feature-length animated film that, according to Meathaus, “dwarfs the scope of his series of short animated pieces from last year.” Watch the trailer at full screen and put on your excited face, ‘cause you know this is gonna be good.
  • The Minneapolis Cartoonist Conspiracy’s monthly comics jam meeting will be this Thursday at Diamond’s Coffee Shoppe.
  • James Kochalka can’t remember if he drew Owly.

-Athena Currier