Cross Hatch Dispatch 6.21.10

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[Above, Jonathan Rosenberg goes beyond Goats. Below, the Dispatch petting zoo.]
  • Jonathan Rosenberg, mighty phoenix of a man that he is, has risen quite quickly from the ashes of his last webcomic, the long-running Goats, and is back with what appears to be an equally magnificent new comic, Scenes from a Multiverse.
  • Quimby’s Bookstore in Chicago is proud to announce the launch of its first exclusive minicomics edition, Corinne Mucha’s Is It the Future Yet?
  • On Saturday, Gene Yang gave an excellent lecture at Open Book in Minneapolis as part of a free, all-day graphic novel conference. For those who couldn’t attend the conference, there is fortunately a wonderful new interview with Yang on the Comics Reporter.
  • And for those who missed Jim Woodring’s slideshow presentation of his new book Weathercraft at the Fantragraphics Bookstore & Gallery back in May, lucky for you there’s a video of the whole dang thing.
  • As part of the ongoing discussion over how to examine comics academically, Matthias Wivel of The Hooded Utilitarian has offered up his own detailed example by critically dissecting a single page from Tintin.
  • If you didn’t do anything special for Father’s Day, there’s still time to make it up to your pops. Fantagraphics is holding a week-long sale on their classic strip collections in honor of the holiday. Surely your father would love to own the entirety of Prince Valiant.
  • Julia Wertz’s latest book, Drinking at the Movies, is now available on pre-order.
  • Brian Fukushima tirelessly produces issues of his adventure series Jobgoblin, as well as journal comics. Both are excellently illustrated. Both are available for free on his website.

-Athena Currier