The Cross Hatch Dispatch 6.14.10

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[Above, cartoonists show us how to dine.  Below, the Cross Hatch recognizes beer as a food group.]

  • Artistic renderings of recipes done by artists, illustrators, and designers? That sounds completely delicious! So check out They Draw and Cook.
  • Sassypants & Sweetieface: Animated Dreams, an incredible short animated film by Phylicia Fuentes, was recently mentioned on Cartoon Brew and Meathaus. It deserves all the mentions it gets!
  • James Kochalka’s Digital Elf/Kissers double album on white vinyl is now available for pre-order from Senor Hernandez. Digital Elf is Kochalka’s newest album, created on the Gameboy Advance, and Kissers is the long out of print soundtrack to his graphic novel of the same name. You can see a video for the song Bacharach Galactica from Digital Elf right here.
  • Copies of Make Yourself Happy, Lucy Knisley’s latest collection of journal comics (a follow up to her “Radiator Days” collection), are totally still available! Get ‘em while the getting’s good.
  • Neil Gaiman will be at Columbia University this Tuesday, June 15, at 7:00 speaking with a panel of writers about the increasingly blurred line between genre and mainstream fiction
  • Anyone visiting grandparents in Miami this weekend would do well to check out the Florida Supercon, from June 18-20.
  • If you aren’t in Florida, but still in the southern half of the U.S., you might consider attending Texas Comicon, also June 18-20.

-Athena Currier