The Cross Hatch Dispatch 6.12.10

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Mystery Society

[Above Steve Niles entices a read of his new comic Mystery Society. Below the alluring Dispatch.]

  • More images have been popping up from AMC’s new TV show Walking Dead. Who knew Zombies could look so good.
  • For a bookmark must check out Masters of Manga Theater, a new web project by translator Marc Bernabe, that features such names as Moto Hagio, Urasawa, and Tako Saito.
  • Sometimes it’s nice to see an artist re-imagine superheroes in something other than sexing them up even more. Christopher Uminga’s heroes are a quirky kind of adorable.
  • The late William Steig, author of Shrek (the book that inspired the movie), will be having a showing of his work at the Norman Rockwell Museum the exhibit, Love & Laughter, will premiere from 7pm to 10pm.
  • Steve Niles is going on a Mystery Society tour promoting his new comic. He’ll be in Amarillo, Texas (noon- 2pm) and Waco (6-8pm).

-Natalie Shoemaker