The Daily Cross Hatch 6.5.10

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[Above AMC gives us a taste of what’s to come in Walking Dead. Below the shambling remains of a Dispatch.]

  • Every embarrassing Youtube video does have a silver lining, Ghyslain Raza (aka Star Wars Kid) now has a law degree and is looking sharp.
  • AMC has posted their first zombie photos for the upcoming Walking Dead series and they look pretty sharp.
  • Hard times have befallen the superheroes of Hollywood as the caped panhandlers are henceforth banned from the streets.
  • Serenity fan? Patton Oswalt will be signing copies of his newly released issue of Serenity: Float Out in House of Secrets in California.
  • Get out of the hot sun and into the air conditioned space of a convention like the Heroes Con in Charlotte and the Omaha Comic Book Convention.

Natalie Shoemaker