The Cross Hatch Dispatch 5.3.10

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[Above, Graham Annable is just playing around. Below, a Dispatch LAN party.]
  • Ryan Dow’s “Introspective Comics” recently received the award for best webcomic at this year’s SPACE festival in Columbus, OH. Naturally, Ryan has written a comic about this.
  • There’s still time to sign up for a comics class at the Loft in Minneapolis this June. The class will be taught by Gene Yang, author of “American Born Chinese.”
  • There’s also still time to sign up for a table (or even a presentation!) at this year’s Madison Zinefest. The fest is on Saturday, October 2.
  • Ryan Alexander-Tanner is using kickstarter for a portrait project. Commissions start at $10. For that extremely reasonable fee, he’ll draw you a portrait on a 4” X 6” card.
  • Graham Annable’s artwork is the basis of a soon-to-be-launched game at Telltale Games.
  • Giannis Milonogiannis has launched a four-part comic, Old City Blues, his “love letter to 80’s cyberpunk,” which takes place in New Athens- a city built from the ruins of Greece after the cataclysmic flood of 2016.
  • Rina Ayuyang is taking her freshly-published debut graphic novel on the road. The book is Whirlwind Wonderland. The tour is the Whirlwind Tour. She will be stopping in Pittsburgh this Wednesday, May 5, at 6:00 PM to give a reading at the Toonseum.
  • And of course, all those who will be at this weekend’s Toronto Comic Arts Fest should feast their eyes on the glorious exhibitors list. Paul Pope, Dash Shaw, Daniel Clowes, Jim Woodring, James Sturm, Kate Beaton, Chester Brown, Colleen Frakes, Phil McAndrew…the list is truly to glorious to summarize.

-Athena Currier