The Cross Hatch Dispatch 4.26.10

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[Above, confiding in a 70-year-old guy who calls himself “Jughead.” Below, the latest in Riverdale hamburger eating contest news.]
  • Cole’s Comics, a blog devoted to the work of cartoonist Jack Cole, recently posted an overview of Cole’s career. Approximately 3,600 published pages in just 16 years is a goal to which we might all aspire.
  • Zander and Kevin Cannon (no relation), the big shot cartoonists behind Minneapolis’ Big Time Attic, were featured recently in a short video by Joanna Kohler. The video is in support of Britt Aamodt’s upcoming book, “Superheroes, Strip Artists, & Talking Animals: Minnesota’s Contemporary Cartoonists,” due out in October.
  • Who doesn’t want to know more about what goes on inside Joe Matt’s head? Luckily for all of us, Lady Gunn zine/blog has published a handwritten letter from the painfully autobiographical cartoonist, who was kind of enough to answer some of Lady Gunn’s questions.
  • If you liked playing Oregon Trail, surely you would also enjoy a comic book about the history of Oregon? There are a group of cartoonists eager to make just such a book. They would love you to send some dollars their way, and have made a lovely video to encourage you.
  • “The Devastator: a New Book Series of Comics and Satire” is another comic-book-in-the-making which would appreciate some help with funding. Check out their website, kickstarter site, and video to learn more.
  • Tom Pappalardo is in the middle of chapter seven of his graphic novel/illustrated story Broken Lines, which is now available online. Pappalardo calls the book “a weird mixture of prose, sequential comic art, and like, charts n’ footnotes n’ sidebars.”
  • Riverdale’s first openly gay student is soon to arrive. His name is Kevin Keller, and apparently he’s gonna beat Jughead in a burger-eating contest.

-Athena Currier

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