Audio: MoCCA 2010 Sequential Activism Panel

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[Above, L-R: Tom Hart, Brian Heater, Josh Neufeld, Bill Ayers, Peter Kuper, and Ward Sutton. Photo by Seth Kushner.]

Activism Panel sound bite

For me, the highlight of this year’s MoCCA was the opportunity to moderate a panel featuring Bill Ayers, Peter Kuper, Ward Sutton, Tom Hart, and Josh Neufeld. In fact, as I mentioned in last week’s MoCCA report, I honestly consider the hour-long discussion to be one of the highlights of my work in the field of comics criticism, thus far.

Thanks to technical difficulties (and, really, what’s a comic convention without a few of those?), there is no official video from the event. There were, however, a few cameras in the audience, and I’m currently working to tracking down something I can upload. For the sake of getting something up while the subject matter is still fresh, I’ve opted to upload audio of the event recorded by yours truly.

The audio is imperfect for a few reasons. First, it’s not video. The slideshow is referenced a lot during the panel. Seeing it (and our handsome faces) isn’t entirely necessary to appreciate the panel, but there’s a certain nuance lost without it. Second, it’s a room mic. The microphone was not plugged into any board, rather it was placed on the table in front of me. It’s a bit hard to hear Neufeld at the end of the table. It’s much easier to hear the guy in the audience having a coughing fit. Third, the recording starts several minutes into the panel. This is entirely my fault for not having properly fired it up in time.

The piece opens up with Sutton mid-thought. With that in mind, I hope this audio will still prove valuable for those who were unable to attend the event (and, perhaps, even for some of those who were). All said, I thought it was a rather thought-provoking conversation about a subject that oft gets overlooked in the context of such events.

–Brian H.

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