The Cross Hatch Dispatch 4.9.10

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[Above a bunny from Trickster hides in the brush. Below the not-so-scary Dispatch.]

  • Do you love maps? Do you love maps of fantastical worlds? Do you love maps of fantastical worlds contained within the pages of comic books? Then click this link!
  • Our very own Brian Heater combines his passion for tech and comics in his test run of the iPad Comic-Book reader app. Others talk about what kind of future the “magical” tablet will hold for graphic novels.
  • Matt Dembicki is going to debut an anthology of Native American Tales (in graphic form) called Trickster at the Alternative Comics Expo.
  • In case you hadn’t heard there’s some kind of comic book thing going on in NYC this weekend, the name sounds like something you might order at Starbuck’s–I think it’s MoCCA?
  • If you’re up in the greater Boston area there’s the Boston Comic going down Saturday and Sunday.
  • In other news, the Eisner award nominations were announced.

-Natalie Shoemaker