The Cross Hatch Dispatch 4.5.10

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[Above, some things are too amazing for captions.]
  • The Thursday before MoCCA, there will be a Women in Comics Signing at Jim Hanley’s Universe in New York. The talented ladies who will be there include Hope Larson, Colleen Frakes, and Lucy Knisley.
  • Maine cartoonist and organizer Sarah Winifred Searle has started a group blog for New England cartoonists called The Collective.
  • Trees & Hills has begun its spring tour, kicking things off in Cambridge at the Boston Zine Fair. Next stop: MoCCA.
  • Do you enjoy doodling silly things onto your newspaper? So do the folks at The Annotated Weekender.
  • Ira Marcks, a cartoonist from NY, recently collaborated with Jake Lodwick (founder of Vimeo) on an experimental illustration/animation project. Marcks describes it as “sort of like a 45 minute music video with one sliding frame. But it’s also like a graphic novel told in a single, 50 foot long panel.” He calls it Illustrative Score.
  • Ellen Degeneres: The Comedian becomes Ellen Degeneres: The Comic Book.
  • The Comix Claptrap’s most recent interview subject was the brilliant Gabrielle Bell, who talks about bringing new stories from her “Lucky” series to the internet.
  • Meanwhile, Justin Hall talks about running away to Cambodia with his pencils and Bristol in a recent interview on Writers Getting Paid.
  • Finally, Renee French has a very proud announcement regarding her sketch blog.

-Athena Currier

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