The Cross Hatch Dispatch 3.28.10

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[Above readers take the vantage points of a clubber. Below the like totally groovin’ Dispatch.]

  • Remember in kindergarten there would be that strip wallpaper with all the letters of the alphabet, and next to each letter would be something like a “Z” for zebra or an “A” for apple. Well here’s the comic book version (now with alliterative sentences).
  • So the weekend may be over, but here’s something to hold off your case of the Monday’s: Tim Gunn is going to be signing and discussing Marvel’s comic book Models Inc in NYC.
  • Take a peek at a night gone wrong at a club through the vantage points of several different people. Phonogram comics has the first chapter.
  • The Swedish comic invasion begins …
  • Pop Culture Shock is readying their roll-out of interviews from Emerald City Comic Con, but wait there’s more! They are also raffling off an autographed copy of Chew.

Natalie Shoemaker