The Cross Hatch Dispatch 3.20.10

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[Above Tim Warner begins his slow spiral into madness, below the lucid dispatch]

  • Childhood nostalgia returns with Darkwing Duck. Boom comics has decided to adopt the avian avenger and write a four issue mini-series starting in June.
  • While we’re on the topic of four issue mini-series in the summer, Boom! and CBGB have confirmed they are working on a CBGB comic. A preview is available as well.
  • Watch a Sunday comic strip artist slowly lose his mind in Silver Hell. This web-based series follows the mind and musings of fictional artist Tim Warner and his comic Silver Lining that takes a turn for the worst when his life begins to crumble.
  • If you’re wanting to talk inconvenient truths with the best of ’em, you’re in luck. Al Gore is going to be coming to the Comic-Con venue next door!
  • Remember when comics were today’s video games? Well vet to the era, Stephen Bissette,  is currently documenting posts about the debates, rants, and musings over the 80s outbreak of adult comics.
  • Tomorrow, Sunday, in beautiful Los Angeles from 2pm to 4pm Steve Niles, Linda Johnston, and Matt Wallace will discuss breaking the rules in comics and re-writing them.

-Natalie Shoemaker