The Cross Hatch Dispatch 3.13.10

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[Above a child learns how to read through comic books, below the illiterate Dispatch.]

  • “You can’t just read comic books!” Did you ever get that line as a kid? Well the independent documentary, Comic Book Literacy,  is looking to change those parental opinions.
  • Choose your own adventure with Pop Culture Shock’s interview extravaganza at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend. Tweet them here with questions (oh and don’t forget to hash tag #TFAWEC3).
  • Whedon has not been able to catch a break lately and with his shows getting canceled left and right, it leaves questions unanswered, especially about mysterious character Shepherd Book. Ask and you shall receive… a comic book explaining everything.
  • In these post-Watchmen days, are the Superhero comics trying to outdo one another in tragic storyline–I mean when do these guys catch a break?
  • Comics Alliance does a round-up of the top crazies in the comic book industry…funny thing is that most of them are considered pioneers.
  • If you’re looking for something to do this weekend there’s always the Mega Con down in Florida.
  • Get in on the comic book action this Monday and learn how to “Create a Graphic Novel Hollywood Will Buy.” Because what more could a person want than fame and fortune?

-Natalie Shoemaker