The Cross Hatch Dispatch 2.27.10

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[Above Jeff Lemire digs deep finding his underwater roots, below the sea-fairing dispatch]
  • Get your double-dose of signage today at Midtown Comics in NYC today. The Bens will be at Grand Central location, on tour for their recently released comic Choker. Amber Benson and Anton Strout will be signing at the Times Square location.
  • “The snow will not stop the show!” The New York Comic Book Marketplace Show that is, which is today from 10:30am-7pm.
  • So the John Krasinski (aka Jim from The Office) name has been floating around as a possible candidate for playing Captain America. Most people are saying, “Huh?” while artist Josh Adams is saying, “Heck yeah!”
  • Comics workshop in West Virginia from the 25th-28th given by Matt Madden.
  • Andrew Koenig of Growing Pains and the fan film Batman: Dead End was found dead in Vancouver at the age of 41.
  • Are you a comic sleuth? Well Sunday at Forbidden Comics is having a detective comic book signing by J.H. Williams  III at 3pm.
  • Even though Jeff Lemire may have a sweet job a Vertigo e hasn’t forgotten his roots. He has just announced his new graphic novel Underwater Welder, which will be due out next year from Top Shelf.

-Natalie Shoemaker