The Cross Hatch Dispatch 2.20.10

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[Above a biker exclamation points at the sight of a mummy, below the interrobang Dispatch.]

  • A special toy seems to be making a cameo in the new Toy Story 3 movie, Totoro from creator Hayao Miyazaki’s photo has been sighted in a recent trailer.
  • What happens when Morgan Spurlock and the Whedonverse collide? A geek-u-mentary that’s what.  The dynamic duo plans to follow several people for about three months leading up to the magical moment of going to the  San Diego Comic-Con.
  • Get a 2 for 1 signing at Challengers Comics in Illinois this Saturday. Rayn Claytor will be there for a business card signing and Andrew Pepoy will be there for Fables and The Adventures of Simon & Ajax.
  • Almost Silent was released on Wednesday of this week and packs four original Jason graphic novels (some that have been out of print since 2008).
  • If your looking for some sun in the fun…and comic books, check out the Long Beach Comic Con this Saturday.
  • For something a little more quaint check out the Indianapolis Comic book Show on Sunday.

-Natalie Shoemaker