The Cross Hatch Dispatch 02.13.10

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[Above Sim and Cerberus help express that special kind of love, below the heart-felt Dispatch.

  • Axe Cop, the 5-year-old Malachai and 29-year-old Ethan Nicole collaboration, has become an internet sensation and Hollywood has taken note.
  • For those of you looking for…alternative ways to express your Valentine’s Day feelings here are some “special” cards for that “special” someone.
  • Get down an nerdy with rap artist MC Frontalot and comic artist Jhonen Vasquez (Invader Zim). What are these two names doing in the same place? Designing an album cover.
  • Apparently Japanese Anime movie/manga series Akira is being made into a movie by the Hughes Brothers, do you think they can handle it?
  • The Schulz Museum of Santa Cruz, California has Scott Kurtz of Player Vs. Player on Saturday from 1-3pm .
  • Raina Telgemeier will be signing copies of her new graphic novel, Smile, on Saturday at the Rocketship in Brooklyn, NY.

Natalie Shoemaker