The Cross Hatch Dispatch 1.11.10

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[Above, Laura Park illuminates DEB. Below, the recessive Dispatch.]

  • Eisner-nominated writer Alex de Campi has a new multi-language multi-platform comic out. It’s called Valentine, and it’s set during Napoleon’s retreat from Russia in the War of 1812—with some marked fantastical twists.
  • A sketchblog by the name of “Cold is the Sea” features a quote about sketchbooks from the Daily Cross Hatch’s own Brian Heater.
  • Tom Pappalardo has a new Webcomic called The Optimist. It’s a snazzy-looking black-and-white strip updating every Tuesday.
  • The San Jose Comics Fest, “a quarterly celebration of comics and graphic novels and all things cool,” has its first show of 2010 coming up on Saturday, January 16, from 12:00-5:00. Admission is free!
  • Hot off the Oni Press, for middle readers, is Lola: A Ghost Story.
  • Piles of Webcartoonists recently participated in a project through the Comic Creator’s Alliance to creator a wallpaper of female Webcomic characters. The wallpaper is available to anyone who donates money toward a charity to end human trafficking.
  • Care to learn a little about dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa from a comic? Laura Park to the rescue!
  • Jeff Balke is doing sketches at Graham Crackers Comics’ in the Chicago Loop location on January 13.
  • Neil Gaiman is narrating Peter and the Wolf on Saturday, January 16 at 7:00 at the World Financial Center in New York.

–Athena Currier