The Cross Hatch Dispatch 12.15.09

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[Above, we’re pretty sure Anders and Maria have fairly positive feelings toward one another. Below, a bouncing baby Dispatch.]

  • Love Buzz is a new romantic comedy graphic novel, coming soon from Oni Press. For now, check out a 22-page preview online.
  • Uncle Envelope is a subscription program for all ages. Each month, subscribers receive a new paper craft or object (trading cards, mini comics, etc.). The project aims to promote creativity and comic art!
  • Susie Cagle (Journalist, Cartoonist, Humanitarian) has put her Israel diary comics online, and will be adding more artwork all week. Snoop around, and think of something good to commission her to draw.
  • Phetus, the founder and lead designer of Elite Gudz, has commemorated the Concrete Immortalz comic book in the form of a billboard-sized mural across a block-long industrial complex. The mural is just one piece of art on the 200,000-square-foot building, which is adorned with work by aerosol artists from all over the world. Check out a behind-the-scenes video of the project.
  • Julia Wertz recently talked to Time Magazine about health insurance and lupus.
  • Hans Rickheit (The Squirrel Machine and Chrome Fetus Comics) has launched a brand-spanking-new Webcomic.
  • The Anders Loves Maria finale has begun! Rene Engstrom started the story over three years ago, with Anders suggesting he and Maria have a baby together. There has been much drama along the way, but if nothing else, we can now officially say: “Hey. That baby is pretty cute.”
  • James Kochalka knows exactly how to react to a mediocre review from an Internet forum.
  • TopatoCo holiday shipping deadlines are drawing awful near! Get yer orders in.

–Athena Currier