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[Above, Lucy Knisley has e-books’ backs. Below, the Dispatch, now with more scrolling!]

  • The Extreme Evangelist says, “If Alan Moore isn’t porno, what is?” The Beat has the money shot and more.
  • In light of the recent New Moon premier, Marvel’s What Th-?! has decided to take on the teen series with a spoof.
  • Invincible Returns February 17th and with his old costume. For newcomers who have been considering to dive into the series, here’s your chance!
  • We all love mashups, perhaps just as much as the Comics Alliance loves lists. This week they provide us a glimpse of what a Chupagambit is and how much Photoshop rocks.
  • No one wants print to go under, but sometimes that’s just the way things are. Lucy Knisley’s Downloading Optimism (Pessimism Virus Detected) provides some perspective after a recent comic panel.
  • Serena Valentino, writer of Gloom Cookie and Nightmare & Fairy Tales will be at the SLG Gallery on Saturday 21st to sign copies of her new novel Fairest of All.
  • Director behind such surreal works as Paprika and Perfect Blue, is trying his hand at robots. Often compared to David Lynch and Alfred Hitchcock, Satoshi Kon says that he’s going to keep this one PG.
  • Five years since Flight #1 hit the shelves some may be wondering, where are they now?

-Natalie Shoemaker