The Cross Hatch Dispatch 11.19.09

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[Above, Crumby shoes. Below, Dispatch on the fritz.]

  • Graphic NYC highlights the career of Peter Kuper, illustrator extraordinaire.
  • Vans released a pair of R. Crumb slip-ons featuring Fritz the Cat. Don’t pretend they’re not awesome.
  • Genghis Con invades Cleveland this Thanksgiving weekend. Pass the potatoes.
  • Everything must go! Joe Kubert is auctioning off a mass amount of his accumulated original artwork. Santa, if you’re reading this, I’ve been a good boy this year and I’d like some old Sgt. Rock pages, please.
  • Nobrow presents McBess’ Malevolent Melody, which will debut at Concrete Hermit tomorrow in London.
  • The first in a six-part Sherlock zombie affair written by Ian Edginton is released today.

-Miles VanMeter