The Daily Cross Hatch Dispatch 11.15.09

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[Above, comics blow up Gene Yang’s brain. Below, the exploding plastic Dispatch.]

  • The month of December is a time of giving and Tank Girl co-creator Alan Martin and artist Rufus Dayglo are giving fans a special on-shoot issue: Tank Girl Dark Nuggets.
  • Itching for your daily does of Whedon? Well Zack Whedon is releasing a one-shot Dr. Horrible comic. Fans will learn how the young Mr. Horrible was lured into a life of crime. Newsarama has the preview.
  • Need to brighten up your Thanksgiving plans? Why not make it nostalgic and revisit childhood memories by going to see the The Fantastic Mr. Fox.
  • Considering repainting that 1970s Van? Comics Alliance has some suggestions of superheroes that should jazz-up your pimp ride.
  • Paul Hornschemeier and Jay Ryan will be at Brooklyn’s Rocketship November 15th at 7pm.
  • “How do I get my girlfriend to like comic books?” The Beat replies with “How do we get a man to enjoy scrap-booking/knitting/ quilting?”
  • Hey you got Animal Crackers in my omnibus–oh wait, that’s just the title of Gene Luen Yang’s compilation of his early published works.

–Natalie Shoemaker