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May I have your attention, please!


The Daily Cross Hatch is hosting an indie comics costume contest! This is your chance to win a fabulous prize and impress your friends.

L.A. DiaryTom Kaczynski‘s publishing label Uncivilized Books has just released a new mini-comic from Gabrielle Bell titled L.A. Diary. The book features diary comics that will go into her next Lucky book, but also includes pages from her real life sketchbook. This glimpse into Bell’s work may never see print again!  Copies of L.A. Diary are limited, but one will find its way into the hands of every contest winner.

But that’s not all! There are five unique prizes to win — all of equal value.

Five screen-printed goodie bags (see above photo) will be completely stuffed with a mystery assortment of mini-comics and distributed to whichever five contestants earn the most votes on November 5th. Each bag is guaranteed to contain one copy of L.A. Diary, but you will also receive a handful of some of today’s best minis — cherry picked from Sarah’s own personal collection — including (but not limited to): Manny + Bigfoot, The Ballad of the Intrepideers 1 +2Covered in Confusion, Milky Way Shuffle, Prologue, and any new releases I pick up this weekend at APE.  Top of the heap stuff from today’s best independent comics creators and mini-makers.

Take a picture of yourself wearing a costume that was inspired by an indie comic.  Send that photo to Sarah’s email address:

Include the following information with your submission: name of the image (i.e. meastylerperry.jpg) + your name + name of the character that your costume represents + name the comic from which that character originates. Make “COSTUME CONTEST” the subject heading of your email. Send in your email by Monday, November 2nd, 2009, at 12pm midnight (for whatever region you live in). Basically, get it to me before I wake up on Tuesday, November 3rd.  If you need an extension for some reason (it better be a good reason), then give me a heads up.  We can try to arrange something.

On the first Thursday in November — Thursday, November 5th, 2009 — beginning at 12am midnight through 12am midnight the next day, the readership of The Daily Cross Hatch will have an opportunity to vote for you and your costume! The top five costumes will take home the kitty.

If you didn’t catch it before, please send in your email submission to Sarah by Monday, November 2nd, 2009, at midnight.

1. Can I submit more than one photo?
Yes. Please do! I don’t care if you compete against yourself.

2. Does the photo have to be of me?
That would be ideal, because we will be judging contestants on their personal costume creations and creativity.

3. Well, what if I made the costume, but gave it to someone else to wear because I’m shy.  Can I submit a photo of my costume on a different model?
Sure!  Truthfully, I wouldn’t know if the model was you anyway.  I just want to avoid a situation where — if someone has a killer photo of an indie costumed person they don’t even know from a convention or whatever — that they submit it falsely as their own.  That would not be cool.  So don’t do it!  But if you’re the generous type to sew indie comics costumes for all your friends, by all means, send those photos in and win something.

4. Can I submit a photo of myself even if I am photographed with another costumed person?
Yes. Just indicate in your email which costume is in the running. If both costumes are in the running, please let me know. I will find a way to distinguish them from each other when our readership votes on November 5th.

5. Can I submit a group photo?
Sure! If you want to submit a group photo (i.e. if you and your pals dress as the squad from Brian Anderson’s So Super Duper), you can run as a team. However, if you win as a collective, you will have to split a single goodie bag amongst you.  Sorry!  Them’s the limitations of screen-printing in small runs.

6. Does it have to be a “new” costume? Or can it be a photo of me from a few years back?
It does not have to be a new costume.

7. I’m not sure if my costume counts as “indie.” Should I submit it anyway?
Sure! If the voters are purists, I’m sure they won’t vote for you anyway.

8. I’m a self-published cartoonist.  If I win, will my prize goodie bag contain one of my own minis?  That would be stupid!
No kidding!  Don’t worry man, I wouldn’t do that to you.  I promise that if you win, you will receive a sack of minis from other excellent creators.

9. How will I know if I won?
Sarah will notify the winners by email on Friday, November 6th, 2009.  Winners will be asked for their mailing addresses at this time.  Prizes will be sent within the week.  There will also be a site-wide announcement.

If I haven’t preempted your questions already, feel free to write me for more clarification:

May the best nerd win!

– Sarah Morean

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