The Daily Cross Hatch Dispatch 10.10.2009

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[Above, Jeff Kinney’s man purse. Below, accessorizing the Dispatch.]

  • Will the Kindle save comics? Jennifer de Guzman has a more “pragmatic” view of the future of the eBook industry and what it means for comic book distribution.
  • Women, are you tired of being objectified in skimpy clothing? Men, are you tired of hiding your chiseled calves? Well, here are 5 Halloween costume ideas for both sexes that are stylish and will reverse all social pre-conceptions of what’s normal.
  • Zombie Cop is going to be making a guest appearance in the role of “product placement” in an upcoming episode of CSI on October 15th.
  • Strange musical instruments made from alternative technologies and animal carcasses–these are the activities that consume the time of two English brothers in The Squirrel Machine. The book (and author) are on tour and will be making appearances this weekend in Chicago and Michigan,
  • Four million is a big number and it represents how many copies of Wimpy Kid will hit the shelves. The author, Jeff Kinney, is also touring the book starting October 12th a the Rhode Island Convention Center.
  • If you’re looking for something to do on Saturday and Sunday there’s the Baltimore Comic-Con. The guests this year include Joe Kubert, Mike Allred, Bernie Wrightson, and many more.

–Natalie Shoemaker