Milky Way Shuffle by Chris Eliopoulos

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Milky Way Shuffle
by Chris Eliopoulos

milkywayshuffleNEWSFLASH: classic nerd woos group of lovely ladies in Chris “Elio” Eliopoulos‘ latest mini-comic Milky Way Shuffle.

“But how?” ask eager, trembling nerds worldwide. “How can I get me some ladies?”

Perhaps it’s Berwyn’s snazzy dance moves.  His cool, appraising stare.  His spray on deodorant.  His heroism.  Whatever the formula, Berwyn  totally transforms from fool to cool in this absolutely adorable book from illustrator and Yo Gabba Gabba! director Elio.

The book’s plot is simple and sweet.  Berwyn is invited to his first “cool kid” party as payment for doing the homework of some rich bitch.  He’s too naive to realize how unwelcome he is on the dance floor, where he’s all arms and enthusiasm, until he gets stuffed in a closet.  While Berwyn waits for what he assumes is his 7 minutes in heaven, an even less popular guest arrives — a spaceship full of aliens!  The aliens want to party too, so they steal all the girls from the cool kid party to ride around on their ship!  The burly cool dudes don’t know what to do.  Figuring sci-fi stuff is for geeks anyway, they force Berwyn to rescue their chicks…alone.

Does he succeed?  Is the anticipation too much?  Does it even matter?  Not to me.  Because I have seen this gorgeous book, and I’ll tell you that if it was full of nothing but drawings strung together by even a minimal plot, let alone this quirky sweet story, I’d still give Elio’s book a thumbs up.  The art is jerky and abstract and cartoony.  I’m delirious with joy just thinking about it.

The interior pages are black and white with gray fills.  It works, but I really wish the color palette on the cover could have been applied inside.  It’s too much to hope for considering the high cost of full-color for a self-published book, but you editors take note and be sure to throw your hidden cash piles at him and his next project.  For real.  It’ll be worth every penny.

Keep an eye on this guy, he’s on the move.  Elio is definitely too good for the rank of fold-and-staple, which is another reason this book is so surprising and appreciated.

Milky Way Shuffle is available on Elio’s website for $4 + shipping.

– Sarah Morean

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