The Daily Cross Hatch Dispatch 2.26.2009

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[Above, Danica Novgorodoff frightens the horses. Below, the Dispatch sleeping standing up.]

  • Celebrities in California?! Nathan Fillion will be at Borders Books the 29th to promote the second season of his TV show, Castle, but I’m sure you can sneak in a question about Dr.Horrible or Firefly.
  • The Admiral Adama (a.k.a. Edward James Olmos) will be at a screening of the documentary short Dig Comics at comic book store Meltdown Comics.
  • The Animation Supercon 2009 has finalized its guest list. Some speakers will include the cast from Futurama, Pinky & The Brain, and Gear of War.
  • Comic and sci-fi books are in the literary ghetto. Some are beginning to wonder why neither of the fiction genres have won a Booker Award.
  • Tony Millionaire and Chris Onstad will be in Seattle, Washington on Saturday at the Comic’s Dungeon.
  • Danica Novgorodoff will be in the City to launch her latest graphic novel Refresh, Refresh. She will be at the Rocketship this Saturday at 8:00pm.

–Natalie Shoemaker