The Cross Hatch Dispatch 9.23.09

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[Above, The Muppets are off to Never Never Land. Below, enter Dispatch.]

  • Hans Rickheit kicks off The Squirrel Machine Book Tour 2009 this weekend at some little to-do in Maryland and is coming to a city near you, um, east of the Mississippi and, uh, north of the Mason-Dixon line.
  • The notorious Deitch Bros. invade Harvard this Friday with a signing at The Million Year Picnic at 5 PM.
  • BOOM! Studios hooked up Comics Alliance with a short preview of the latest Jim Henson creation comic book adaptation, Muppet Peter Pan #1, with art from Amy Mebberson, and a cover by Mouse Guard’s David Petersen. Captain Gonzo? ‘Nuff said.
  • Bridge City Comics of Portland is hosting a special release party for the first issue of Underground from Jeff Parker and Steve Lieber today at 6 PM. Now you can say you knew them when they were underground.
  • Also, your daily dose of love.

-Miles VanMeter