Guest Strip: Jai Granofsky

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jaitzJai Granofsky is a cartoonist from Montreal. He writes and draws one-page dream diaries, some anecdotal stories, and 2 serials called Wrong Again Sucker and Definitely Daphne.  He regularly binds these comics together in his series The Wee Days, which he publishes about once a year.

Since he began self-publishing, Granofsky has made a number of black and white photocopied “ashcan” comics, but recently moved on to more colorful and professionally printed books.

For awhile, Granofsky was an organizer of a monthly comics jam called “Strip Sessions” at The Roy Street Collective in Montreal. The event grew large enough that later he published and distributed a collection of all the group’s collaborations.


– Sarah Morean

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One Comment to “Guest Strip: Jai Granofsky”

  1. Nick | September 18th, 2009 at 5:57 pm

    “Gasp! Your Arms! That guy tore ’em off.”

    Haha. Nice guest strip.