The Cross Hatch Dispatch 9.13.09

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[Above, no ifs or ands with Erika Moen. Below, what, what, in the Dispatch.]

  • Erika Moen and Lucy Knisley were the most recent guests on Words & Pictures. If you haven’t listened to this Portland radio station before, perhaps it’s time you did. Their guests run the gamut, from Nicholas Gurewitch to Art Spiegelman.
  • Drawn and Quarterly is 20 years old! The birthday was celebrated this weekend at Rocketship.
  • Jess Fink recently posted a delightful (and true) comic about her cat getting sick and expelling large quantities of vomit and poo. It’s called “Bear, don’t eat that!”
  • Laura Park, the 2008 Ignatz winner for Outstanding Artist, has produced an outstanding poster for this year’s SPX.
  • Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi of the Spiderwick Chronicles are on an epic cross-country final book tour.
  • This weekend, September 19-20, is the annual Montreal Comic-Con, featuring such celebrities as Maria de Aragon, i.e. Greedo from Star Wars.
  • Another convention that’s obviously worth your attention is Hayward Comic-Con in Hayward, CA. This year marks the con’s 30th anniversary. It’s one day only, from 10:00-4:30 on Saturday, and it’s FREE!
  • Paul Karasik will be at the Strand Bookstore in New York this Wednesday to take attendees on a “multi-media safari” that’s known as “The Fletcher Hanks Experience.”
  • Meredith Gran is trying a new approach to updating her Webcomic. Instead of several one-page installments a week, she’s posting the comic in less frequent, multi-page, chapter-like segments. Check out the latest.

–Athena Currier