The Cross Hatch Dispatch 9.9.09

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[Above, Richard Hahn gets abstract. Below, the Dispatch, in theory.]

  • Meredith Gran posted 11 new pages of some Octopus Pie and announced a print collection of the popular Webcomic.
  • Four Stories, posted yesterday on SmithMag from your old pal Harvey and his friends at the Pekar Project.
  • The long-delayed film adaptation of Oni Press’ Whiteout by Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber is being released this Friday in theaters everywhere. From the director of Swordfish and Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” video. I think we got ourselves a winner.
  • Tomorrow afternoon at Jim Hanley’s Universe in NYC, Andrei Molotiu, Patrick McDonnell, Richard Hahn, and others will be signing their new Fantagraphics anthology, Abstract Comics.
  • Beginning next week, The Detroit Free Press plans to cut six comics from its pages. The Sinister Six include Spider-Man, Dinette Set, The Family Tree, F-Minus, Mutts, and Rose is Rose.
  • DragonCon marked the end of the summer comic convention circuit. Was it good for you?
  • Don’t you forget, Labor Day has pushed back your new comics to Thursday. So you have one more day to gather up some change for your funny books.

–Miles VanMeter