The Cross Hatch Dispatch 9.7.09

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[Above, Juli Scheele lets it all out. Below, bottling it up with the Dispatch.]

  • JP Coovert is a graduate of both SCAD and CCS. Now he’s designing for Target! One of his designs is featured on a boys’ Halloween t-shirt coming out this fall. And by “boys” we mean, yes you can squeeze your scrawny hipster self into it.
  • Solipsistic Pop, an anthology that features the best in alternative UK comics, has launched a website with a manifesto stating the intentions of a new wave of comic artists taking over the UK alternative scene.
  • Cartoonist Ben Katchor will be reading on Sunday, September 20, as part of the “Ciao My Shining Star” show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Tickets are $20.
  • Julia Wertz is sickly! Hence, you should attend her Fart Party Fundraiser on Friday, September, 18, to help pay off her medical bills. There will be hospital horror stories and free cookies.
  • Speaking of the diseased, Rachel Maddow recently told Jimmy Fallon that she enjoyed reading Joe Sacco while stuck in bed with Swine Flu.
  • The members of the Webcomic Apokalips left New York City on Friday on a 16-day cross-country road trip in search of cartoonist Gary Larson. He is believed to live somewhere outside Seattle. The group hopes that, if they do find him, he will be flattered rather than terrified to find them on his doorstep.
  • This year’s Brooklyn Book Festival includes a panel (Sunday, September 13, 3:00-4:00pm) with members of ACT-I-VATE, who will discuss their groups origins, and announce two new members. For more info on this “premier webcomix collective,” check out the ACT-I-VATE Website.
  • What better way to stir up interest in great novels than to dress them in covers designed by great illustrators? That’s what Penguin was thinking with its line of Penguin Classics. The Beat recently posted three favorite covers; more can be seen on the flickr account of Paul Buckley, the art director behind the project.
  • And what’s this? Well hey, it looks like Webcartoonist Athena Currier has finally concluded her 16-page minicomic about the Winnipeg Folk Festival, and is moving on to her annual four-page “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” comic.

–Athena Currier