The Cross Hatch Dispatch 8.29.2009

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[Above, not sure what’s going on with this Julien Langendorff image. Below, the Dispatch and maybe some lasers.]

  • One dedicated fan has created The Walking Dead Google map. Now you too can follow the depressing adventures of Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel. The application arranges the events in the comic by issue.
  • The comix newspaper Smoke Signal is celebrating its second issue at Death By Audio in Brooklyn, NY this Saturday at 9:20pm. The new issue features works by Dash Shaw, Julien Langendorf, and much more.
  • This week marks 5,684th iPhone comic to be available in the iTunes store woo-hoo! The real excitement is that ICV2 has updated their Mobile Comics Directory page. It’s ordered by publisher.
  • This years Comic-Con saw an influx of teenage girls lining up for Twilight. The situation is being handled and they are getting their own containment area to ogle over Edward Cullen. Their cooties will never hurt anyone ever again.
  • There will be a launch party at Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn, NY on Saturday for the graphic novel adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.
  • The Comic Book Resources had a sit-down recently with Vertigo’s Executive Editor Karen Berger. She discusses new plans for success in the coming year.

–Natalie Shoemaker