Introducing Upcoming Events: The Cross Hatch Calendar

Categories:  News, Next Week's Is Funny

The more astute amongst you have no doubt noticed a relatively recent update to tab list on top of the Cross Hatch’s homepage in the form of Upcoming Events. The page is an attempt on our part to pull together listing of indie comics-related events happening across the country.

The events are listed on the Google Calendar plug-in. More information—like address, times, and guests—can be accessed by clicking on said events.

We’re hoping the feature will become a handy little resource for everyone within the community, but, in order to keep the calendar rolling, we’re going to need some input from you. If you know of any alternative comics events in your area (we’re mainly focused on the US, but we’re certainly willing to make exceptions), please drop us a line at:

Thanks, and please help us spread the word.

–Brian H.