The Cross Hatch Dispatch 8.8.09

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[Above, Eric Reynolds does Smith and Manson. Below, from a Dispatch on the Hill.]

  • Dave Kellett is going to be in everyone’s favorite zip code, 90210 for a party celebrating his new Sheldon Collection at the Crecent Lounge on August 9th.
  • Seattle is bringing local comic artist to show their work in tomorrow in the “Comics Savants” gallery show.
  • If you just so happened to miss that big comic-con over on the west coast check out Chicago’s Wizard World Con, taking place now through August 9th.
  • Happy news from Jennifer de Guzman, “I have my own little parasite” (a.k.a she’s pregnant). The little tyke is due out January 27th the same day as Mozart and Lewis Caroll.
  • Want to see some of the best and boldest images that have been published on the Web? Then come to San Francisco and drop by the Comic Art Museum to check out this new exhibit.
  • The battle between Warren Publishing and Vanguard Productions, over the classic art from “Famous Monsters of Filmland”, is over.
  • William Shatner has been getting his fair share of YouTube this week from turning Palin’s speech into beat poetry and…making love to a mountain?

–Natalie Shoemaker