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Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman share what is arguably the greatest geek job on the planet. Sure it’s a bit of an overstatement to suggest that they blow up stuff for a living—but just a bit. The duo’s expertise in the art of special effects landed them a gig on basic cable wherein they deconstruct popular myths in the most exciting—and fun—manner possible.

Suffice to say, the show, which exists at a crossroads between an appreciation of science and a general love of explosions, has taken off in a huge way amongst the geek set, a fact the Discovery Channel happily capitalized upon with a huge promotional push at this year’s Comic Con. It was hard to work more than a few feet on the showroom floor without spotting a slew of giant Mythbusters swag bags.

During the show, we had the opportunity to chat up the duo in Savage’s hotel suite, to get their impressions of this whole comic book thing.

Being that it’s Comic-Con, I have to ask, are either of you comics fans, at all?

Adam Savage: Absolutely. I’m a huge fan of Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore. The Gods.

The three pillars.

AS: And Mike Mignola, who I just met. Absolutely one of my heroes. I didn’t grow up being a comic book collector. I was very specifically introduced to Frank Miller when I was 17 or 18—the Elektra: Assassin series. I own the original releases of everything Frank Miller has ever done. He’s a genius.

Are you spending any time on the floor, looking at all the books?

AS: I have spent a couple of hours this morning, and will spend some more tomorrow.

Is there anything you saw that you’re looking forward to? Anything you’re definitely going to buy?

I did pass a booth with some original prints by Bill Sienkiewicz. I’m thinking about going back and buying one. He’s a bloody genius.

Jamie Hyneman: I’ve probably read more science-fiction that anyone I know. Comic books, not so much. But the mindset, there’s obviously a lot of crossover, so I look at it as, one way or another, a lot of fun. It’s clearly a very vibrant collection of something that all of the marketing people and movie makers and advertisers, and everybody is trying to figure out. People are watching this, and we’re pleased to somehow, in spite of what we do for a living, we’ve ended up in the middle of the zeitgeist.

Are you looking forward to getting on the floor?

Oh yeah. I went last year, and I can’t wear the hat.

Or you’ll be recognized?

JH: Yeah, I won’t be able to go from point A to point B.

–Brian Heater

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