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“It’s like Beatlemania,” answers Noel Fielding, smiling. “I don’t really understand. They screamed for like five minutes. We were just stand there, going, ‘what should we do?’ “ It’s The Mighty Boosh’s second day of their first-ever US tour, and the welcome thus far has been warm–and then some.

Last night, Fielding and cohort Julian Baratt played to a packed Bowery Ballroom. What had been billed as a “secret show” had ended up anything but, with a line of eager and sporadically costumed fans stretching literally around the block. Today is a non-stop gaunlet of interviews for the duo, who at the moment look as if they gotten a single hour of sleep between them.

There are scheduling conflicts and late arrivals and a Jimmy Fallon appearance that’s less than an hour away—a downright whirlwind for stars of the BBC by way of the Cartoon Network series. For me that means roughly three minutes of interview time to record a bit for my podcast, PCMag After Hours. But it gets done, and, in spite of everything, Fielding still pulses with the charm that defines his onscreen counterpart, Vince Noir.

We discuss Comic Con, Dan Clowes, and Barratt’s downright astounding cooking skills. Check out a transcript–and video–of the interview, after the jump.

You’re ostensibly out here for Comic Con?

Noooo. No [laughs].

But you are going to Comic Con?

Yeah, we are.

Have you been to any comic conventions? Are you a comic book guy at all?

[Shakes head] It’s for geeks, isn’t it?

It is for geeks.

No, I do like comics a lot, actually. I like Daniel Clowes who did—

Ghost World.
Yeah, I like all of that stuff. I like Eightball. I like Tank Girl. I do like comics a lot.

But the sci-fi stuff isn’t your scene at all?

No. I’ve got some friends who are into it. But I’m looking forward to it. It’ll be fun. And [in New York] we did a show at the Bowery [Ballroom] and we did a lot of press over here, lots of interviews and we’re doing Jimmy Fallon. We’re doing lots of chat shows. We’re sort of just caging—doing lots of interviews meeting lots of interesting people—just seeing how it’s going down. The show’s been on telly here and the DVD’s coming out. It’s like dipping our toes in the water.

It’s been going well so far? The show was packed last night.

Really well! It’s like Beatlemania. I don’t really understand. They screamed for like five minutes. We were just stand there, going, ‘what should we do?’ It was very English. We were just standing there going [exhales] “okaaay…if you would just…carry on screaming.” It’s a bit embarrassing and awkward. “If you  could stop doing that…”

There were a lot of Scottish and British people screaming. People were screaming, “London!”

How dare you? It all Americans. There was only one yappy Scotsperson there. “Ahhh, we’re from Scotland!” I don’t know why people say that at comedy gigs. They always want to tell you where they’re from and you just think, ‘that’s of no interest to me.’

I suppose they thing that if they’re somewhat geographically close to where you’re from, you might have some kind of a kinship.

Yeah, I might go, “great! Come on, let’s get out of here.” Also, Scotland…who cares about Scotland?

So what are you guys going to be doing at Comic Con?

Ummmm…I don’t know [laughs]. A question and answer panel thing and we’re going to do a cabaret-type DJ set at night somewhere. Julian’s going to be cooking for everyone.

For everyone at the con?


That’s like 126,000 people.

That’s fine. He’s good. He’ll just rustle something up. I’m going to be wearing a hat with a sort of, monkey skulls attached to it.

Do you feel like when you go out now that you’ve got to stay in character? Or are the characters pretty much you?

No, I’m just a bit hungover [laughs].

You’re in character for the shows, though.

I went out to a club in a dress. But yeah, that isn’t really a character.

These guys are you two, pretty much?

Yeah, it’s like 5-percent character and the rest is pretty much us.

–Brian Heater

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  1. Heather Q | July 23rd, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    Love the Boosh. Especially Julian….the one you didn’t get on camera. 🙁

  2. Lily | July 27th, 2009 at 6:50 pm

    Great interview, also nice vids on youtube, keep it up!

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