Next Week’s is Funny With Timmy Williams 6.29.09

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[Above, Timmy Williams, Educational Spider-man villain?]

I know we’re right in the middle of The Great Celebrity Culling Of ’09, but comics must be written about!
Excellent Idea Sounds Super-Duper Boring
I really am all for educational comics.  I bought one for free* at a grocery store as a kid where Spider-Man fought a caveman villain named Troglodyte who had an Illiteracy Ray or something like that.  I can’t remember what the subject was, but I’m pretty sure it was either illiteracy or cavemen.  Anyways, this economy-focused comic is a great idea coming at a great time when lots of people need to learn or re-learn fiscal responsibility** but it doesn’t sound like there will be fights, and that is a problem.  People learn better when there are fights.  See?  I just said “learn better.”  Maybe if Sister Louann had kicked my ass while teaching me English in 1st Grade, I would have said something else.***

I really think this “education with fights” thing could be applied widely, across the whole spectrum of education.  Who wouldn’t want to learn Science from two ninjas fighting with swords, or Geography from Hacksaw Jim Duggan as he body slams Ric Flair?

The only thing that might be hard to teach while fighting is the concept of not fighting.  Maybe if someone dies at the end of the fight then the victor can look at the class and say “See?  That’s why you don’t fight.”  Then he’ll eat the dead guy’s heart in front of the kids for good measure.

What the fuck was I even talking about?  Oh yeah.  Comics about the economy should have trolls fighting wolves.  The End.

Superhero Books!
Right now I’m reading Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman.  It’s a novel about superheroes with a great perspective on villains!  Really good stuff!  I also read Superfolks by Robert Mayer a few months ago.  It’s an amazing novel from the 70s that may have been the first “superhero deconstruction” sort of story, well before Watchmen and Grant Morrison and Rob Liefeld.****  It’s very funny and has lots of boner talk.  I also will be reading Nobody Gets The Girl sometime soon.  It’s by a guy named James Maxey and has a weird introduction by Jim Shooter (called “James” here to make him sounds dignified?  I don’t know).

Anyways, I’m liking this foray into superhero fiction; novels do have advantages over comics, and the freedom of using only written words can make up for the lack of pretty pictures.  Also I can slip the book cover off on the train so it looks like I’m reading something important.

Oh, and: Tragedy Strikes!

*Or something.
***I don’t even know what I am supposed to say instead of “learn better,” she didn’t kick my ass that much!
****PSYCHE!  Rob Liefeld sucks!

One Comment to “Next Week’s is Funny With Timmy Williams 6.29.09”

  1. Manveru | July 15th, 2009 at 4:12 am

    Maybe it was a history lesson. In contradiction to most scientific studies, cavemen were illiterate, apparently.

    Mad kudos for the Hacksaw Jim Duggan reference and the joke about reading something important.