MoCCA Festival 2009 Preview

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It seems hard to believe, but yet another Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art Festival is nearly upon us. This year the ever-expanding indie comics convention’s festivities will be moved from the that old mainstay, The Puck Building, to the larger Regiment Armory, 25 blocks uptown.

In honor of the event, which will be held this weekend (June 6-7), we asked some of the artists in attendance to let us know what they’ll be showing off.

Liz Baillie: “I’m debuting Freewheel #2 at MoCCA.”

Jonathan Baylis:
“I’ll be exhibiting at MOCCA, and in addition to bringing my auto-bio mini-comic So Buttons #1, I’ll be premiering my first fiction story, In the Head Please, a horror-ble tale featuring zombie, incest, and insects, oh my!”

Box Brown: “As few knew, recently, I was a breath away from bringing Bellen! to United Features’ I was working closely with Ted Rall. Unfortunately, Ted was recently fired, and I decided not to make the jump. Luckily, these comics have found themselves a home in the Unsyndicated Press! A collection of the entire 80+ comic strip run! Including color Sundays (one printed twice. This a beautiful 186 page collection of the best Bellen! strips selected by the author during its entire history starting with those oft-uncollected black and white strips of olde. Introduction comic by Reidsrow.  Published by Rosalarian Books.  The Xeric Award Winning Book Love is a Peculiar Type of Thing is a collection of stories about a struggle to find identity. As you might guess, love is the answer, but the questions are still infinitely puzzling.”

Kevin Cannon: “I’ll be at Mocca this year to promote two new graphic novels:
Far Arden by Kevin Cannon, Published by Top Shelf Productions and  T-Minus: The Race to the Moon written by Jim Ottaviani and art by Zander Cannon and Kevin Cannon, Published by Aladdin.

Kevin Church: “This year’s MoCCA Fest sees the debut of the first collection of The Rack, entitled Year One (Mostly). The strips collected here are our selections from the first year-and-change and feature some fan favorites including the Park family’s first appearance, Aaron and Leah’s breakup, and that one that made that totally timely reference to a big event in comics that you’ve forgotten completely about because of the intermediate Invasions and Crises!”

Molly Crabapple: “I’ll probably be hanging out a the Activate table and the MoCCA table, and I did the poster this year, but I don’t have a table of my own.”

Bob Fingerman: “I’ll be signing Connective Tissue (Fantagraphics) at their setup on both days, in the afternoon (not sure of the time yet). If I get copies of From the Ashes (IDW) I’ll sell/sign those, too.”

First Second:
Saturday, 2:00 — Danica Novgorodoff signing, Sunday, 11:00 — George O’Connor signing, Sunday, 2:00 — Sara Varon signing.

Bill Kartalopoulos/Mark Newgarden: “For one night only, the fabulous Jalopy Theater will host a live performance of vintage compositions based on Krazy Kat, the Katzenjammer Kids, Barney Google, Smokey Stover, Li’l Abner, and more, featuring lyrics by Milt Gross, Rube Goldberg, Walt Kelly, and other cartooning and pop music legends.”

Paul Karasik: “I will be there and I hope that several crates of “You Shall Die By Your Own Evil Creation!” will be there , too.”

Peter Kuper: I will have my own table at MoCCA and will have a preview of my upcoming book Diario De Oaxaca (Finished copies will be available for sale at San Diego ComicCon where I’ll have a table in Artist’s Alley). It is a 208 page full color hardcover of all the art, writing and photos I produced during my time in Mexico. It’s published by PM Press in the US and Sexto Piso in Mexico with an official release this Sept. There will also be copies of the new World War 3 Illustrated: Wordless Worlds. And I will be selling original art from Spy vs Spy, and much more.

Good Minnesotan: “Meghan Hogan, Nic Breutzman, and [RaighneHogan] will be at Mocca next weekend.  We will be sharing table space with Ed Moorman where we will be premiering Yearbooks and Ghost Comics, respectively. Also, I hear Nic will be part of a panel with Dash Shaw, discussing life after SVA and trying to make it as a comic artist.”

Ed Choy Moorman: “I’m going to be at MoCCA, next to 2D Cloud (Raighne and Meghan Hogan, who produce the Good Minnesotan anthologies, of which I am a contributor) and Nic Breutzman, author of Yearbooks (also from 2D Cloud). I am premiering two books: The Xeric-winning GHOST COMICS: A BENEFIT ANTHOLOGY FOR RS EDEN, featuring Jeffrey Brown, Lucy Knisley, John Porcellino, Zak Sally, and many more! And a “tiny epic”, the fairy tale DARK CLOUD COMIN’.”

NBM Books:
“NBM will have two tables at the show and have both Neil (Brownsville, Ninety Candles) Kleid and Nicholas Cinquegrani signing advance printed previews of their new The Big Khan to sign. Also appearing: Jesse (Flower & Fade) Lonergan signing an ashcan of his forthcoming Joe & Azat about his Peace Corps time in Turkmenistan. Finally we’ll be premiering with advance copies the Bringing Up Father collection.”

Hyeondo Park: “I am attending MoCCA and will have a table with Yali Lin, Nicolas Cinquegrani, Jack Forbes, and Pedro Camargo. I might also stop by the Act-i-Vate table every now and then. While I won’t have a new Sam & Lilah mini, I will have original pages of Sam & Lilah for people to flip through. I will also have Julius Caesar and Huck Finn Manga published by Wiley for sale.  Yali Lin will have some original cards to sell and also Romeo & Juliet and The Scarlet Letter manga, also from Wiley, for sale. Nicolas Cinquegrani will be selling some postcards and will appear at the NBM table to promote his book, The Big Khan, which Neil Kleid wrote.”

Peter Quach: “I’m self-publishing a comic book, Transit, which I will be selling at MoCCA this year. I’ve also put the entire comic online at my website:”

Jesse Reklaw: “I (Jesse Reklaw) will be at MoCCA, exhibiting with Sparkplug Comic Books. I will debut issue #4 of Ten Thousand Things To Do. I’ll also have issues #1-3 of TTTTD, my new Slow Wave collection, The Night of Your Life (published by Dark Horse Comics–they’re not at MoCCA), and some other minis like Bluefuzz the Hero. I also have a new 2-page Bluefuzz story in the new Papercutter (published by Tugboat Press — who will be exhibiting at MoCCA too).”

Ben Rosen: “ I’ll be at MoCCA with a bunch of copies of my new book, The Adventures of White Cat Volume 1, a 64 page collection of new and old White Cat strips. Each comes with a supercool “I’m White Cat’s Pal” button.”

Jonathan Rosenberg: “I’ll be exhibiting at MoCCA with the rest of the Dumbrella folks, not sure specifically who is showing up but I think it’s most of them. I’ll have some preview copies of my new book, out from Del Rey on June 23rd, unfortunately not for sale but people can come and paw them and flip through them and lust for them.”

Top Shelf: “MoCCA is always a good show for us, but this year it’s a veritable orgy of Top Shelf talent! We’ll have Alex Robinson, Kevin Cannon, Bwana Spoons, Nate Powell, Niklas Asker, and Matt Kindt with us, for either one or both days. We’ll be debuting Kevin Cannon’s rip-roaring Far Arden, Bwana Spoons’ cuddly-hip art book Welcome to Forest Island, and Niklas Asker will make his American debut signing the multilayered romance Second Thoughts!”

Julia Wertz:Fart Party Vol 2 is debuting at MoCCA and then I’ll be signing it with a buncha other people at Giant Robot on Saturday.”

Douglas Wolk: “I’m not exhibiting [at MoCCA], altough I’ll be [there]—but on Tuesday, June 2, I’ll be at the Comic Book Club at the People’s Improv Theater with Chris Claremont (!!!).”


6 Comments to “MoCCA Festival 2009 Preview”

  1. nick | June 2nd, 2009 at 12:14 am

    The first issue of Rocket.Superb will be debuting at MOCCA this weekend! Look for us at Sara Antoinette Martin’s SKELECORE table (#305) More details here:

  2. Matthew J. Brady | June 2nd, 2009 at 11:47 am

    Wow, that’s a lot of stuff to see, and probably only a fraction of who will be there and what will be going on. In addition to most of the above, I’m looking forward to meeting Lucy Knisley, Kate Beaton, and Evan Dorkin, and surely plenty of others!

  3. Ken Wong | June 2nd, 2009 at 11:54 am

    For those interested in “Pandora’s Box” (recently reviewed right here at The Daily Cross Hatch) or my newest origami-comic, “Schrodinger’s Cat,” come see me at table #705.

  4. J.T. Yost | June 5th, 2009 at 3:14 pm

    While you’re visiting Ken Wong at table #705, why not mosey on over to me at nearby table #701?
    I’ll be debuting my Xeric award winning comic “Old Man Winter & Other Sordid Tales” as well as a new mini “Tales of Good Ol’ Snoop Doggy Dogg”.

  5. nick | June 9th, 2009 at 11:07 am

    Thanks to all the folks who came out to pick up Rocket.Superb Issue 1! The turnout was way better than I ever could have hoped for and we almost sold out at the show! There are still some copies available through my webstore at, but not many… Keep watch for more books on the way and thanks again!

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